My vision is to be able to imitate through my actions to as many of my fellow human beings as I can.
I realized after ten years of hard work against a system that I had realized was hostile to me that there were few things I could actually do to resist.

I finally understood that nothing belongs to me and everything that generations experience in the history of mankind has to do with the moments and the corresponding interests of the rulers of the earth.

Peace and War are one of those moments when they themselves choose when to bring them into our lives, prosperity and poverty are again their choice, our freedom and slavery ....

I can't say that it's something of mine since I have to pay it forever in the form of a tax office, I can't say that my time belongs to me since the spare part I use from the performance of my time is a product in stock exchanges and at any time its value can be nullified, I can no longer be sure that my time will remain free when I am in a culture where immorality is its dominant element.

I cannot trust the evolution of culture and science, since they are necessarily washed away by the immorality of profit and interest.

I realized that if this culture decides that the herd will experience crisis situations, I will not have much opportunity to be able to choose how I will survive.

I understood that in a time of great crisis it is pointless to say that this is mine when your neighbor will have nothing, I understood that this is also a part of their plan to turn against each other.
In simpler words, the concepts are demolished according to the moments and the crisis that Elit wants to bring to humanity.

If you are in a time of thickening and calm and Peace, yes, then you can say something is mine, but if you are in a time of harvest and hard crisis, you should immediately have the education and awareness to understand that if you continue with the fairy tale you have been implanted. inside you in the sense of property you will become another pawn of them who will fight his fellow man so as not to steal from him what is theoretically his own.

The state has the right to steal from you to take from you and no one speaks there when a parent of a child who is hungry tries to steal your chicken you will be angry .... And this is a completely wrong education is one completely wrong conscious position that again those who control you put in you.
What can I do to have 50 sheep and a thousand hens and 5 acres of vegetable garden to feed my family if in the village or in the city I am like me they are the fewest ..... I am sure I will find myself facing an army from hungry people who are my fellow human beings ..... and while normally My nature should take care of these people too, with the wrong education of this culture I will turn my weapon towards the other ..... And that is so very silly and so very wrong.

So I dream of my actions quickly showing my fellow human beings that the ego and mine in a time of deep crisis in humanity is the sure way to face the most difficult moments in history.
While if we immediately adopt everyone with a common and simple logic that everything should belong to everyone, that if we all want together to forget mine and the ego and pass on to us we will have the opportunity to survive in this set crisis of humanity.

As an activist, as a person who reacts, as a unit that has resisted in so many different ways for so many years, I have come to the conclusion that the only real way to resist each unit is to move on to life.

Our only sure and true ally is life itself and nature, Everything else is set up systems of a society which is unfortunately not controlled by us, the only asset we have is our time and what we will achieve within it. the time to offer what we call reality.

Everything else is fictional scenarios and fantasies, visions and dreams created by those who benefit from having their customers ...

If you need a third party to drink water and another to eat then you will never be a free person, to regain your freedom and cut off the tools of blackmail that have been created on you you will have to go directly and en masse. in the offer of life without thinking again that something is yours .....

Because the more times you think about it the more the customer wakes up inside you and the more those who control you will defeat you.

I've tried so much but so much, I've really wasted so much ... you wouldn't even believe me if I told you ... and all this to achieve the freedom of all of us, I failed because I did it the wrong way, I always wanted to be I was the beginning and I was the one who would appear, I could think right now that I was chasing glory ... All wrong steps.

You can't put up with them and I know that just this phrase that I'm telling you bothers you inside you but it's a reality through my ten years of experience and effort. It is an awakening truth that you are currently receiving and saving time at no cost.

No matter how much you think, no matter how many revolutions, no matter how many revolutions come to your head or systems, methods, ways, ideologies ... they will have taken care to be there either because they have foreseen it or for your actions and your information will train them to find a way to defend themselves ..... as long as you try to bring more people to do what you think is right they will take care to create the platform they will face you

So I chose live givers not to use any words, not to explain in depth, in what and why, not to put anything separating from the central idea .... That is, not to be consumed in wrong meanings or misunderstandings.

I have chosen not to want anyone to follow it on the substance, that is, not to be a form of calling but to be a form of personal action that if it happens to be imitation well if it does not happen anyway I have found my personal truth.

Due to my experiences, I chose the process of headless operation ...... an act, an imitation without making you a leader without having special rules, just a real offer to my only ally, which is life, in order to make it become the my protection against my enemy .... Nothing more nothing less.
I could explain at great depth the impact and the accessories of my movement, I could explain what exactly is causing the chaos and how it is trying to bring about new systems of balance and order after entropy but if I did I would be forced to use it again. concepts and words that can work differently in each of us and that would be divisive and take us away from the one true truth.
All I have to do is talk about my dream, I will now use the fake painted paper that I thought belonged to me to create where and how I can natural sources of life.

In the first stage I will make sure to give to the earth its seeds that she needs by natural selection to adopt them as a great mother and make them grow. And I will do this everywhere ... Everywhere I belong.

I'm not talking about the process of going to my field to cultivate it, I'm talking about the process of taking care wherever there is soil to give it a chance to fill with life.

Some who are reading now may think of the first objections as the first denial, I don't care at all ..... I know the power of nature and I know that if I persist in any problem, life itself will overcome it.
In a city with a lot of cement we think it doesn't have enough soil but we forget that all cities have flower beds, they have parks, hills and mountains that if carefully and based on the truth in life offer we all become unstoppable then the problem they may want to the rulers in the cities can no longer be a problem and so in this plan we have put a huge brake or a huge postponement.

Next stage is the offer of life, I dream of doing in my area, a place that is currently lifeless, it's just a place that stands there without offering anything, .. to make it fill with life from all the animals that I can grow up on my own until a young age, whether they are hens or geese or wild rabbits and how many more .... I know again that the power of nature is capable of overcoming all but all problems. It is enough to never let my truth about the offer to life stop

Next stage is the offer of time, when you have succeeded and you have turned the game around and now from a customer you have become an awakened citizen, when now you have proved in communication that everything is set up and that everything can happen and that they cannot easily make you need food to you consent to crimes, when you will be self-sufficient ... common no longer a slave ...... Then you will have the absolute time of your own ...... I want you to think that the time you do not have today is because you are chasing one painted paper, but if I took you and put you in to heaven where there was no need to have a roof over your head and not have to make much effort to eat then you saw that your time again turns in your life to him and exploit him do what you want.
I know that all this is ESSENTIAL, but you do not know that the communication that goes to it by doing daily practice is the scandal where the masks will fall, where they will finally have to tell you the truth in your face about where you are going and how much. you are annoying !!! ... The moment you manage in your life to use your time as a free being as you want it is the moment you won the system and believe me when you get close to doing what you want with time you will be at the same time with many cm myriad happy people near you who will stand more clearly against the plans of a new order that no one asked us whether we want it or not.

When you are free to stand on your own two feet in time and stand up to them, it is time for a new negotiation before the stage of freedom.

No resistance in the world can happen without getting tired, without giving and without really going against it, it's all a matter of decision of the beginning ..... Our system taught us to always wear a mask and to pretend to be something other than who we are.

I said again I will not analyze what and how and that if you do anything else in their own system you will just fail and waste time ....... I will try to offer in life to the point where I will achieve my dreams to live them at least in my area, I don't hurt anyone but on the contrary I help my area, I don't break any law at least as we are now ....... when I start breaking the law with my free choice to offering to life means that communication has now been born, it will have an effect If the time has come for us to enter into negotiations ...,. It's time to dump her and move on.

Do you think that you should always see the result in any design, while in fact the most dynamic designs were the ones that created the result along the way !!!, there is no need to start to go to the moon to solve your problem ... .... You can say that I am going to the moon to know that in the meantime your problem will be solved ...

If you understood as much as I did the depth of our enemy, you would understand very deeply at this moment what I am telling you ...... You do not need to finish the road to be crowned Victor, you need to start because something that you consider absolute true, fair and true and don't stop doing it because you have to do it anyway from the day you were born until the day you die ..

Nikolaos Gonos (Stranger)

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